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Coollector Movie Database helps you keep track of the movies and TV shows of your interest. The application consists of a vast database of more than 140.000 titles that you can search and explore to find a particular movie or learn about new films and series.

Collector offers a wide range of options and filters to help you explore the database and quickly find what you are looking for. When you first launch Coollector, it will see the list of movies ordered by IMDb rating, but you can easily change that and sort films by title, popularity, or year. You can also search through the database by genre, actors, and even by barcode, provided that you own a physical copy of a movie. The application also enables you to add and remove filters. What's interesting about this new version is the possibility of exploring the catalogs of Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime from several countries.

Clicking on any movie will bring up all sorts of details about it, such as the poster, actors, release date, its level of popularity on IMDB, and a short synopsis. You can quickly rate the movie, add it to your wishlist, watch the official trailers on YouTube, and also associate a file to it. Coollector will also list all the DVD and Blu-Ray discs available for that movie. From another box, you can mark any movie as owned.

While Coollector's interface might take some time getting used to, it is designed to make the experience as customized as possible. By default, Coollector’s interface is divided into two panels, but you can switch to a single-pane view, and also adjust the thumbnail size and the number of columns as you like.

To add your own movies to the database, Coollector gives you several alternatives. It enables you to import a list of barcodes or a list of movies in files like TXT, CVS, or HTML. You can also manually add a movie that's not available in the database, or simply scan a folder of movies in your PC. The application will immediately recognize the movies and will let you add them to your database.

Coollector can also learn about the type of movies you like in order to make personalized suggestions; for that purpose, it invites you to play the Rating game, which consists in rating random movies.

In short, Collector is a great tool to have if you want to know everything about the movies you like. The list of movies it includes is huge and and so is the number of features it offers to explore and organize your database.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Huge database with thousands of movies to explore
  • Lots of options and filters to search the database
  • Multiple importing options


  • The interface could use some improvement
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