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Catalog your collection of DVDs and video files and get recommendations
Swarup Basak — Last year
Best movie cataloger ever made for Windows. I am using Coollector Movie Database fror more than 4 years, and I use this great tool almost everyday. Believe me, guys, it is the best movie manager, and you will love this. Pros: 1. Great rating game, prediction is almost (about 90%) perfect. 2. Back up & publish your collection, Sync is very helpful. 3. Add your own movie plot, review, notes. 4. 25+ filters. 5. Amazon, Hulu, Netflix streaming. 6. Import your collection from other programs (i.e IMDB) and TXT document. 7. Keeps you updated with latest IMDB rating & popularuty. Cons: 1. Missing custom notes for persons. If you love movies, just go for it.
Renfield8 — Last year
Overall, a great info software, and much faster than IMDB
baspey — 6 years ago
Works great.
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